singShala is the first complete guided vocal education app. It offers a wide variety of lessons in singing, from beginner to advanced levels. The app has some unique features that simplify learning for you and comes with a vast library of songs that you can learn to sing and publish your covers. No matter where you are at in your singing journey, you can either Learn to Sing or Sing to Learn!

Building on the legacy of Learn to Sing and The True School of Music, whilst carrying on the movement started by Blue Frog, singShala is a guided vocal education app that enables you to learn how to sing by helping you enhance your rhythm and pitch. With features like scoring technology, real-time feedback, detailed analysis and practical vocal lessons curated by experts, singShala enables vocal education for all, by making it accessible, affordable, and convenient. singShala recognizes the joy of singing and wants to create a community where everyone feels empowered to sing without any barriers.

Why choose singShala?

Learn to sing at your own pace, in your own space

Curriculum curated by experts, focused on singing

Affordable, convenient & great value for money

Unbiased real-time feedback – anytime, anywhere

Interactive lessons, guided audio exercises & trivia

Participate in challenges and artist led contests

singShala promises to be your guide to good singing and it fits in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Download Now!